Unlock the power of seamless spending with 0xCard

your bridge from Solana to the world of prepaid and gift cards!



About the Project

Experience the ultimate freedom with zero KYC requirements, allowing you to shop globally without limits. Dive into a world where your crypto has no bounds. 0xCard: Spend Smart, Spend Anywhere.



10 Million Tokens

Total Supply

10 SOl

Initial LP


Burned, Mint Pre-Revoked

Our Roadmap

Phase 01

  • Launch and Adoption
  • Objective: Introduce 0xCard to the Solana community.
  • Actions:
  • Deploy 0xCard platform on Solana.
  • Establish partnerships with major prepaid and gift card vendors worldwide.
  • Conduct community outreach and educational campaigns to foster adoption.
  • Phase 02

  • Expansion and Integration
  • Objective: Broaden the utility and accessibility of 0xCard services.
  • Actions:
  • Expand the catalog of available prepaid and gift cards to include more global brands and services.
  • Integrate with additional wallets and services within the Solana ecosystem for enhanced user experience.
  • Implement feedback mechanisms to refine and improve the platform based on user input.
  • Phase 03

  • innovation and Growth
  • Objective: Solidify 0xCard's position as a leader in crypto to fiat conversion solutions.
  • Actions:
  • Introduce innovative features such as loyalty programs and rewards for frequent users.
  • Explore and deploy cross-chain functionalities to extend service to other blockchain ecosystems.
  • Strengthen global spending capabilities by securing new partnerships and increasing the diversity of available cards.
  • Join Us Today!

    Dive into a world where your crypto has no bounds. 0xCard: Spend Smart, Spend Anywhere.

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